this is to appreciate the people sending me nice messages regarding to my name!!!

ive been unfollowed by a bunch of people (not going to go with numbers but comparing to my follower count this is a lot)

and as much as im disappointed by these people im also overwhelmed by the people who replied me and messaged me about this and i love each and single one of you so much because of this and i can proudly refer to any of you as friends because thats how friends act

special thanks go to r, britt and lyss, who gave me endless support on this and helped me being as brave as i could manage to be

and for wyatt for being the first person to call me ana uwu

ok ye uahwuah

i was going to personally answer each of these messages they mean the whole world to me but they basically go the same and the thing is

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

and itsjessday yes im brazilian uwu

you guys are amazing, every single one of you!!!!!!! i lvoe you all so much ah

ok thats about it THANK YOU!!!!!!

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  1. jenniferrfitzsimmons said: kisses your cheekies <3
  2. sabrinaharveys said: awww <3
  3. ilookincredibeetus said: aw its all gravy baby my real name isnt patron!!
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